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The Air Force Hackathon

and Mini-Conference 2014

Mission Accomplished!

We were unable to host LabHack 2015. However, we are looking for a few good challenges for LabHack 2016. Please submit ideas and challenges to Labhack 2016 challenge submission form. If you have any questions, call Bob Lee at 937-424-3517.

Thank you for attending LabHack, the first Air Force hackathon. We hope you can join us at future LabHacks!

This was a chance for participants to show off programming, design and data science skills by building solutions to real-world challenges that AFRL researchers encounter every day. We provided the food, location, big network pipelines and challenges. We had cash prizes, workshops, talks, swag and fun events along the way. The event was open to the public.

For more questions and answers, see our FAQ.

Winning Teams

AFRL Prize: Community Prize: Each team member gets to choose O'Reilly book or Dayton Dragons Gear Judges Award: Gave two Dayton Dragons hats to Health Monitoring, Alert System, and Spotty Connection(Source Code).

What Do You Think of LabHack?

Day 1 Kickoff

Day 1 Conference

Day 2 Project Presentations

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In-Kind Support


Andrea P. M.

Lady X

Adam Renner

All Your Tech Are Belong to Us

Bob Lee

Not-So-Angry Birdman

Brian Tabares

Mr. Yum Yum

Chip Audette

The Mind Reader

Conor Russomanno

The Hat Maker

Dustin Armstrong

More Human Than Posthuman

David Best

The Best Dave

Dave Caraway

Knows What the Fox Said

David Wirth

The Mad Scientist

Ed Heltzel

Make It Rain!

Alex Vados

The Visualizer

Jeff Scott

The Security

Joel Murphy

The Thought Leader

Ben Balter

Lightning in a Bottle

Patrick Henshaw


Marcelle Bonterre

Strappy Dev

Luis Pineiro

Lethal with a Keyboard

Luke Burnett


Monika Eckold

Queen of Hackers

Martin Stieger

Mr. Roboto

Matt Middendorf

The Real Deal

Michael Clark

Crypto and Sliced Bread

John Santiago

Such Mongo. Wow.