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Jeff A. Hughes is the President of Tenet 3, LLC. Tenet 3 is a cyber technology company exploring the intersection of trustworthy systems, autonomy, and human performance.

Prior to this, Jeff was the Strategic Advisor, Sensors Directorate, AFRL. He developed technical and business strategies that optimally informed the Sensors Directorate portfolio given the interests and investments of other DoD / DoE laboratories, defense industrial partners, international cooperative agreements, and commercial activities.

Jeff was selected for both the Cyber and Cross Domain working groups that supported the AF Chief Scientist in formulating AF Tech Horizons.

Jeff led the Aerospace Components & Subsystems Technology Division, Sensors Directorate. Jeff led research into advanced techniques for developing & screening trustworthy microelectronic components.

Jeff was the founding chief of the ATSPI Technology Office, Sensors Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and led research into complex system vulnerability and risk analysis for trusted cyber systems. In 2003 the AFRL/CC selected Jeff to establish the ATSPI Technology Office to support the then Director Defense Research & Engineering (formerly DDR&E now ASD(R&E)) and the DoD Anti-Tamper Executive Agent in protecting DoD critical technologies. In 2001, Jeff was selected by the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Science and Technology to organize and execute the DDR&E Software Protection Initiative (SPI).

Prior to standing up ATSPI, Jeff used his background in electromagnetics to transition automatic target recognition technology. In 2000, Mr. Hughes was recognized for his work in applying electromagnetic scattering codes and statistical pattern recognition algorithms with the Air Force Material Command’s Lt. Gen. Thomas R. Ferguson, Jr. Award for Excellence in Technology Transition.

Specialties:- software protection - anti-tamper systems -cybersecurity metrics -science of reverse engineering -electronic warfare -electromagnetics, antennas, and scattering