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Create Your Own Air Force Challenge

Develop an innovative solution to a current Air Force problem using data-driven decision making. Data may include real, publicly-available data... read more

Community Chest

Participants and volunteers can vote and give feedback on projects using during the presentations just like the official judges.... read more

Github Plans

Github is offering the top three Air Force Challenge teams the following Github plans as prizes: Grand prize: 1 year... read more

Everyone's a Winner (goodies!)

Yes, you heard it right, folks. Everyone’s a winner at LabHack. Thanks to our sponsors, all participants get a LabHack... read more

Sensor Data Visualization Challenge

Participants in this challenge will stream sensor data from a Rasberry Pi or Arduino Yun to Plotly, then download and... read more

Wearable App Development Challenge

Participants in this challenge will use Strap Kit, our wearable development framework, to create an awesome Pebble app that solves... read more